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By ginkgo | 18 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Causes and countermeasures of excessive reflow soldering temperature

1. We use a multimeter to test whether the solid state relay is broken down. The breakdown will make the solid state relay in a normally closed state, and the uncontrolled heating wire will always be in a heating state.
2. Check whether the reflow soldering hot air motor rotates. If the motor does not rotate, the temperature will be lowered instantly when the product is passed. At this time, the PLC will control the solid state relay to keep heating. Because the motor does not rotate, the heat cannot be transferred to the temperature measuring line. The conduction in the form of hysteresis causes the temperature in the temperature zone to rise and fall.
3. The PLC controller fails to control the temperature accurately, which leads to the continuous output of the solid state relay, and the temperature rises uncontrollably. The PLC needs to be replaced.
Generally, the reflow temperature is too high, which is the above three reasons. When operating reflow soldering, be familiar with the working principle of the machine and related parts, and then gradually eliminate it. If confirmed, it can be processed and verified by replacement parts. Regarding the above answers, if you have any other questions, you can consult ginkgoem, and we have professional engineers to answer them for you.

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