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Daily maintenance of reflow soldering

Reflow soldering maintenance method
Stop the reflow oven and cool down to room temperature (20~30 degrees) before maintenance.
1. Clean the exhaust pipe: Use a cloth soaked in cleaning agent to clean the oil in each exhaust pipe.
2. Clean the drive sprocket dust: clean the drive sprocket dust with a rag and alcohol, and then refill the lubricating oil. Clean the entrance and exit of the furnace. Check whether there is oil or dust on the entrance and exit of the furnace. Wipe it with a rag.
3 The vacuum cleaner absorbs the flux and other dirt in the furnace.
4. Use a rag or dust paper dipped in the furnace cleaner to wipe clean the flux and other dirt sucked by the vacuum cleaner method
5. Adjust the furnace lift switch and hit OPEN to raise the furnace. Observe whether the air outlet and part of the furnace are covered with flux and other dirt. Use a shovel to shovel all the dirt away, and then remove it with a furnace cleaner.
6. Check the blower hot air motor at the upper and lower ends. Whether there is dirt or foreign matter. If there is dirt and foreign matter, it can be removed and cleaned with CP-02, and then WD-40 is used to remove the rust.
7. Check the transmission chain: check whether the chain is deformed and the gear is consistent, and whether the hole between the chain and the chain is blocked by foreign objects. If there is, use an iron brush to remove it.

8. Check the filter in the exhaust box at the entrance and exit.
1) Remove the sealing plate of the exhaust box at the entrance and exit, and take out the filter.
2) Put the filter into the cleaning solvent and clean it with a steel brush
3) After the solvent on the surface of the cleaned filter evaporates, insert the filter into the exhaust box and install the exhaust sealing plate
9. Regularly check the lubrication of all parts of the machine
1) Lubricate the bearings of the machine head and the width-adjusting chain
2) Refueling synchronous chain, tensioner and bearing
3) Refueling the bearing for the wheel of the transport chain of the nose
4) Refueling the head screw and the transmission square shaft

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