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By ginkgoem | 26 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Does circuit board SMT chip processing pollute the environment?

Does circuit board SMT chip processing pollute the environment?
PCB chip processing pollutes which substances will cause the environment
SMD is solder paste soldering components, generally will not pollute the environment. The solder paste is processed well.

Circuit board SMT patch processing needs to pay attention to the use of solder paste in automatic printing machines, the type of solder paste used when printing solder paste in SMT patch processing, and the "leaded" and "lead-free" in SMT patch processing are Refers to the use of leaded solder paste or lead-free solder paste. Lead-free solder paste is environmentally friendly, and leaded solder paste is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, the difference between lead and lead-free in SMT patch processing is environmental protection and non-environmental protection. The solder wire used should also be lead-free tin wire, and the washing water should be used as little as possible. The use of no-clean flux can be used to reduce the use of washing water.
In addition, don't throw away the scrapped boards casually, and recycle them reasonably.

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