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By Ginkgoem | 28 January 2021 | 0 Comments

How to buy an automatic SMT machine? What kind of SMT machine is best for you?

How to buy an automatic SMT machine? What kind of SMT machine is best for you?

Many people who intend to buy SMT production line will hesitate to buy what kind of bonder, whether to purchase a medium-speed bonder?  Or high speed SMT machine?

1, according to the mounter placement speed distinction
(1)The theoretical placement speed of medium speed SMT machine is generally about 20000 (2)The theoretical placement speed of high speed SMT machine is generally 30,000~80,000 pieces/h per hour (this mainly refers to the standard for the placement of 0201 01005 following piece type components).

2,SMT mounter model structure:
(1)Medium-speed SMT machine mostly uses the arch frame structure, relatively simple structure, covers a small area, the requirements of the environment is low
(2)Most of  high speed SMT machine are modular designed ( more than 20 years ago, the turret structure has been discontinued, eliminated by the times).

3, from the place machine mounting products on the distinction.
Medium speed SMT machine mainly can be used as mount large components, high precision components and shaped components, also can mount small chip components; High speed SMT machine mainly available to mount small chip components and small integrated components.

4,From SMT mounter applicable range distinction.
(1)Medium speed SMT machine is mainly used in some small and medium-sized electronic production and processing enterprises, R & D design center and product characteristics for the production of many varieties of small quantities of enterprises;
(2) high-speed bonder is mainly used in large electronic manufacturing enterprises and some professional original equipment manufacturing enterprises (OEM).

5, from the price distinction:
Medium-speed SMT machine price is relatively cheap, high-speed SMT machine is generally medium-speed bonder price is about  more expensive 60%.

After understanding the difference between medium speed SMT machine and high speed SMT machine, you can purchase the right machine with your budget.


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