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By Ginkgoem | 21 July 2021 | 0 Comments

How to regularly maintain the SMT pick and place machine and routine maintenance methods

 How to regularly maintain the SMT pick and place machine 
In the large factories or engineering in the use of SMT placement machine, the use of conditions will gradually deteriorate with the passage of time, which is a scientific reason. Most of the situation is due to the impact of the environment caused by, on the other hand, also take into account the dust is not timely cleaning, the machine produces a lot of dust or oil and dirt inside the machine itself will cause a very serious impact, these will affect the service life of the machine.

SMT pick and place machine                                         SMT pick and place machine
  So, if not properly targeted maintenance and treatment, then it will easily affect the normal work of the chip machine, and even lead to excessive strain on certain parts of the machine or serious accidents, to avoid this situation, so it must be combined with the scientific maintenance of maintenance is the most appropriate, regular maintenance of equipment on a regular basis, only then, to ensure that the chip machine can be from beginning to end of the work function to hold good, to do the whole life of the use.

  SMT mounter daily maintenance methods.
  1, thorough to the machine and the electrical board surface of the dust and dirt generated by the careful cleaning, this is to avoid dust and grease into the internal parts of the machine, of course, the main purpose is to prevent the machine overheating to cause damage.
  2, for the internal gas circuit, solenoid valve and vacuum generation device, etc. should be thoroughly disassembled and cleaned, so that the machine will not be due to the formation of scale and blockage, and vacuum generation device, cylinder are together with the composition of the department, so it is easy to together lead to parts strain.
       3, to the machine moving parts such as drive motor, mount head, fly to all have to timely maintenance, keep clean. Appropriate add lubricating oil.

Dust-free machine to ensure efficient work, automatic placement machine as mechanical equipment, need regular maintenance to maximize the use.
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