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By ginkgo | 08 September 2022 | 0 Comments

How to set the temperature of lead-free solder paste reflow soldering machine

The melting point of lead-free solder paste is 217 degrees, and the common composition of lead-free solder paste is: Sn/Ag/Gu and its ratio is: 96.5/3.0/0.5:

1. The preheating zone is heated up to 175 degrees, and the time is about 100S. From this, the heating rate of the preheating zone can be obtained (because this tester uses an online test, it has not entered the preheating zone during the period from 0 to 46S. Time 146-46=100S, since the room temperature is 26 degrees 175-26=149 degrees heating rate; 149 degrees/100S=1.49 degrees/S);

puhui reflow oven t980
2. The maximum temperature of the constant temperature zone is about 200 degrees, the time is 80S, and the difference between the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature is 25 degrees;
puhui reflow oven
3. The maximum temperature of the reflow zone is 245 degrees, the minimum temperature is 200 degrees, and the time to reach the peak is about 35/S. The heating rate of the reflow zone is: 45 degrees/35S=1.3 degrees/S According to (how to set the temperature curve correctly), it can be known that the time for this temperature curve to reach the peak is too long. The whole reflow time is about 60S;
puhui reflow oven
4. The time in the Lingque area is about 100S, the temperature drops from 245 degrees to about 45 degrees, and the speed of Lingque is: 245 degrees—45 degrees = 200 degrees/100S=2 degrees/S.

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