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By Ginkgoem | 23 July 2021 | 0 Comments

Precautions for resuming work of SMT equipment

1. Precautions for the shutdown of the placement machine equipment before the holiday
1. SMT equipment backup parameter policy shutdown;
2. All equipment cut off power and gas;
3. Place desiccant in the control box and the machine to prevent moisture, rodents, fire and dust:
4. Pack and cover SMT precision equipment:
Second, the precautions before starting the placement machine equipment after the festival
1. Determine whether the temperature and humidity of the SMT workshop exceed environmental requirements
2. Whether there is damp, whether there is dew;
3. SMT workshop in colder environment is not eager to raise the temperature, the equipment is prone to dew:
4. Dehumidify the SMT equipment, and rotate the fan according to the humidity:
5 Check whether there is any mouse entering in the machine control box:
3. Don't return to the origin immediately after SMT equipment is powered on
1. Turn on the machine after dehumidification, and do not perform any operations on the machine after it is turned on:
2. After the SMT equipment is powered on for 30-60 minutes, let the equipment circuit and the controllers fully warm up:
3. Operate the machine again and let the machine return to the origin axis to warm up:
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