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By ginkgo | 20 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Reflow furnace cleaning and maintenance method

     After reflow soldering is used, a large amount of rosin flux will remain on the inner wall of the reflow soldering furnace and the pipes in the cooling zone, and a large amount of residue will reduce the reflow soldering temperature and the welding quality (just like the firewood stove in our childhood, there will be a lot of black ash on the outer wall of the pot) Therefore, the furnace should be cleaned when maintenance is required. Here, the cleaning and maintenance method of the reflow furnace is introduced.
puhui reflow oven

1. Turn off the reflow heating power supply and wait for more than half an hour;

2. After the temperature is cooled to room temperature, disconnect the external link of the reflow furnace and open the furnace;
puhui reflow oven
3. Remove the disassembled parts in the furnace and clean them with a cleaning machine. Use furnace cleaners (can not choose corrosive cleaners) for the parts that cannot be disassembled;

4. Put the disassembled condenser, recovery pipe and reflow soldering parts into the cleaning machine for cleaning;

5. After the reflow furnace is cleaned and air-dried;
puhui reflow oven
6. Wear goggles and a mask when cleaning the reflow oven for personal protection;

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