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Reflow soldering is the most important process technology in SMT

Reflow soldering is the most important process technology in SMT
The role of reflow soldering
The function of reflow soldering is to send the mounted circuit boards of the SMT components into the SMT reflow soldering chamber. After high temperature, the solder paste used to solder the SMD components is melted by the process of high temperature hot air to form a reflow temperature change, so that the SMD components and The pads on the circuit board are combined and then cooled together.
Characteristics of reflow soldering technology

1. The thermal shock to the components is small, but sometimes it will cause greater thermal stress to the components. To
2. Apply solder paste only on the required parts, which can control the amount of solder paste applied and avoid defects such as bridging. To
3. The surface tension of the molten solder can correct the slight deviation of the placement position of the components. To
4. Local heating sources can be used, so that different welding processes can be used for welding on the same substrate. To
5. Generally, no impurities are mixed into the solder. When using solder paste, the composition of the solder can be maintained correctly.

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