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By ginkgo | 05 August 2022 | 0 Comments

Temperature control requirements for SMT reflow soldering

The temperature curve of the reflow soldering machine meets the product temperature requirements during use, which can ensure the reflow soldering quality of the product. The reflow soldering process must have a complete set of temperature control requirements. Here, puhui reflow soldering will share the temperature control requirements of SMT reflow soldering.
puhui reflow oven t960
1. During reflow soldering, the temperature of each temperature zone is stable, and after the link speed is stable, the furnace temperature curve test can be carried out. The furnace temperature is generally 20-30 minutes from cold to stable.
SMT reflow oven
2. The technicians of the smt production line must record the furnace temperature setting and connection speed every day or each batch of products, regularly measure the measurement and control files of the furnace temperature curve, and monitor the normal operation of the reflow soldering.

Third, it is the setting requirements of the reflow soldering temperature curve of lead-free solder paste:

1. The setting of the temperature curve is mainly based on: A. Solder paste, and the recommended curve provided by other ointment suppliers. Material, size and thickness of printed sheet (c) Part density and size, etc.

2. Lead-free reflow oven temperature requirements:

SMT reflow oven
(1) For products with more than 100 bonding points, and the size of IC, QFN, BGA and PAD is less than 3MM to 6MM, the measured peak temperature is controlled at 245 to 247 degrees.

(2) For multi-density IC, QFN, BGA or PCB products with a thickness greater than 2MM and a PAD size greater than 6MM, the peak temperature can be controlled at 247-252 degrees according to actual needs.

(3) If there are special requirements for plates or parts such as FPC soft board, aluminum substrate, etc., they must be adjusted according to actual needs (such as the process of the product, it is managed according to the process flow).

puhui reflow oven t980
Note: If the product is abnormal in actual operation, the SMT technician should be reported to the technician in time

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