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By ginkgo | 13 July 2022 | 0 Comments

The detection method of rework station T-870A preheating plate not heating

1 Check the small switch of rework station T-870A

Disassemble the machine at the rear, close the switch, and use a muleteer to test whether there is current passing through the switch
2 Check the connection between the switch and the Rework station motherboard

Turn on the switch, and test whether there is current flowing from the beginning of the switch connecting line to the contact terminal of the main board.
3 Measure the resistance of the rework station electric heating plate

Find the connecting wire on the electric heating plate on the motherboard, ohm gear, and test the resistance value of the electric heating plate.
4 Check the rework station temperature measurement line

If there are no problems with the above three parts, check whether the temperature measurement line is the problem with the temperature measurement line.


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