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By ginkgo | 30 August 2021 | 0 Comments

The principle and attention of reflow soldering technology in SMT

       SMT, which means Surface-Mount Technology, is a method that mounted and solders the electrical components directly to the printed circuit board(PCB) by using intelligent and automatic electronic assembly equipment such as solder paste printing table, mounter and reflow soldering.
It is also a popular technology in the production and manufacturing process of electronic equipment products. And reflow soldering technology is a necessary production process in SMT production technology.
What is reflow soldering?
      Reflow soldering refers to reheating and melting the solder components fixed on the PCB pad with the solder paste printing table in advance through the reflow soldering equipment. The solder ends and pins of these fixed solder components are combined with the PCB pad, cooled and solidified, so as to realize the circuit connection function with long-term reliability.  
Reflow soldering technology is a key production technology in the whole SMT production process. The quality of reflow soldering affects the welding effect of the whole PCB directly, thus affecting the overall quality of SMT technology.  
What is the working principle of reflow soldering?
      The whole process of reflow soldering is:
Firstly, place the PCB board in the reflow oven and start working from the preheating area. At this time, it is to preheat the PCB board to fully heat the solder paste on the pad, and also to prevent the damage of PCB board and components caused by too high temperature at the beginning.
Then, PCB boards enter the insulation area. This area is to provide conditions for the full heating of the flux in the solder paste and also give help to preheat various components of different sizes fully.
After that, PCB boards enter the reflow soldering area. Now, the temperature rises rapidly, the solder paste reaches the melting state, and the components are in full contact with the solder paste to reach the peak.
At the end, PCB boards enter the cooling zone, the temperature gradually cools to solidify the solder joint. And complete the whole reflow process.
       What are the main problems that need to pay attention to during reflow soldering of PCB board?
1. Firstly, select the materials.
The type of solder paste and reflow oven will affect the quality of reflow soldering. You need to choose the suitable kind of reflow machine under considering of both the length, size of PCB board and the type of various components
2. Secondly, check the components and solder paste.
You need to check the PCB board to be welded, to see if there are few components, multiple components, wrong placement of components, more tin, less tin, solder paste overflow pad, which will affect the quality of PCB board welding.  
3. Finally, follow the correct procedures.
It is necessary to use correct reflow welding procedures and professional reflow oven to ensure welding quality.  
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