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The structure and characteristics of the placement machine

The structure and characteristics of the placement machine
1. Mounter rack
The frame is the foundation of the machine. All the transmission, positioning and conveying mechanisms are firmly fixed on it, and various feeders are also placed on it. Therefore, the frame should have sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity. At present, the placement machine has various forms of racks, which can be roughly divided into two categories: integral casting type and steel plate welding type.
2. Placement machine transfer mechanism and support table
The function of the transfer mechanism is to send the PCB that needs to be patched to a predetermined location, and then send it to the next process after the patch is completed. The conveying mechanism is an ultra-thin belt conveying system placed on the track. Usually the belt is placed on the edge of the track, the belt is divided into A, B, C3 sections, and a PCB clamping mechanism is installed in the B area transfer part, and infrared sensors are installed in the A and C areas. More advanced machines also have bar code readers. , It can identify the incoming and outgoing PCBs, and record the number of PCBs.
3. The XY and Z/θ servo positioning system of the placement machine
Function XY positioning system is the key mechanism of the placement machine and the main index for evaluating the accuracy of the placement machine. It includes XY transmission mechanism and XY servo system. There are two common working methods: one is to support the patch head, that is, the patch head is installed on the X rail, and the X rail moves in the Y direction to realize the whole process of patching in the X and Y directions. This kind of structure is in the general-purpose type. It is more common in placement machines (general purpose machines); the other is to support the PCB bearing platform and realize the movement of the PCB in the X and Y directions. This type of structure is common in the placement machine (turret) of the tower rotating head In this type of high-speed machine, the placement head only performs a rotating movement, and the placement process is completed by the horizontal movement of the feeder and the movement of the PCB bearing plane. The above-mentioned XY positioning system belongs to a movable guide rail structure.

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