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By Ginkgoem | 30 July 2021 | 0 Comments

The Work Flow of The SMT Pick and Place Machine

As a high-precision and high-intelligence machine, the pick and place machine is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire electronic surface mount welding process.

SMT pick and place machine

   However, all types of pick and place machines have basically the same workflow. Generally divided into the following 8 steps:

1. Choose the nozzle

   Choose the type of nozzle according to the size and type of components to be mounted. The nozzles are divided into different models such as 501~507, which can be used to mount chips and components of different sizes and specifications such as 0201~1206.

suction nozzle

2. Select the Feeder

   Choose the type of Feeder according to the size and type of components to be mounted. The feeder is divided into different specifications: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, etc., which can push chips and components of corresponding sizes and specifications.



3. Conveying PCB board

  Put the PCB board to be mounted into the working area of the PCB board and fix it with the bracket.

PCB board

4. Pick up components

After starting the suction program, the pick and place machine will move the placement head to the tray suction position according to the preset program, automatically open the vacuum tube, and make the suction nozzle suck the corresponding components that need to be placed through the negative pressure.


5. Detecting components

After the suction nozzle completes the picking work, the visual recognition system on the placement head will detect whether the component is actually picked up by the suction nozzle. At the same time, the system will read the characteristics of the component from the pre-stored component library and compare it with the components that have been picked up. If it does not match, the component will be placed in the discard position; if it matches, the next step of positioning and mounting work will be carried out.


6. Positioning and moving

According to the set program, the placement head moves to the preset position so that the center of the component coincides with the placement position of the PCB board.

Reflow oven

7. Placement

The placement head of the pick and place machine lowers the suction nozzle to the height preset by the program, then closes the vacuum and releases the pressure, so that the sucked components can be stably placed on the PCB board pads preset by the program.


8. Reset and release

After all the components are mounted, the suction nozzle returns to the original position, and the working area of the PCB board is also reset, and the PCB board that has been mounted can be collected.


The work flow of the pick and place machine is mainly carried out in accordance with the pre-set procedures. Each of the above steps is essential. Any error in any step will not be able to complete the entire placement process, and an error will not be able to complete the entire placement process. Paying attention to it can ensure the smooth completion of the entire work process.


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