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By ginkgo | 25 August 2021 | 0 Comments

What are the main factors that determine the price of SMT MOUNTER?


Generally speaking, the brand, origin, and configuration of the pick and place machine are different, and the price difference is also different; the type of pick and place machine selected is different for different pick and place machine products; if it is just a simple placement In fact, it is the most sensible to choose the pick and place machine with a lower price for the two parts, and the price will be much lower.

With the rapid development of technology, many SMT pick and place machine  brands and manufacturers have sprung up on the market.Then there will be a phenomenon of dazzling fireworks when shopping. How can we make a rational choice?

Ginkgo listed the main factors that determine the price Pick and place machine:
1. Brand of the Mounter
Big brands, such as  Fuji, can give users a sense of trust and reality, but also mean expensive prices.
2. Origin of Mounter
Considering the factors of shipping and others, the prices of local manufacturers and company will be much lower than the imported company.
3. Structure of Mounter
The SMT Mounter with different rack structures will have different prices.
4. Components of Mounter
There are several important components of the mounter will affect its price. They are screw rod, drive motor, lens and motion control card. The quality and performance of these main components have an essential effect on the speed, accuracy and stability of the Pick and placement machine. But the higher performance of the components leads to the higher prices of the machine.
5. Others
In addition to the above mentioned factors, there are many other factor would affect the price of Pick and placement machine, such as SMD software, manufacturer's after-sales service, SMT peripheral accessories, etc.


Therefore, when choosing a pick and place machine, it should be considered from many aspects, considering the overall performance, considering the scale of production, considering the place of origin, and considering the configuration of the components.(To learn more about the pick and place machine, please click on the image link below.)

Pick and place machine Pick and place machine Pick and place machine Pick and place machine
Pick and place machine Pick and place machine Pick and place machine Pick and place machine


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