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Desktop Reflow Oven

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Desktop reflow oven has 962 series,937 series.
T-962 series has T-962/T-962A/T-962C/T-962A+, T-937 series has T-937 and T-937M.
T-962 seires has 8 temperature waves inside machine, they are infrared heating, have a large infrared soldering area,which increases the usage range of oven drastically and makes it an economical investment.
Parameters of eight soldering cycles are predefined and the entire soldering process can completed automatically from preheat,soak and reflow through to cool down.
Desktop reflow oven 937 series connect with PC,which is with wave printing function and 299kinds of paste data inside.The oven is with hot air fan inside,temperature in the oven is very stable,exactly and even.