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Ginkgoem SMT Desktop Reflow Oven T962A, soldering oven, infrared heater T-962A for soldering PCB

T-962A desktop reflow oven is a soldering oven primarily for reflow soldering circuit boards of surface mount technology.T-962A desktop soldering oven has a heating zones following solder paste temperature curve in Surface mount technology (SMT).
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I. Overview:
The t962a reflow oven product adopts microcomputer control, pre-stored eight kinds of reflow temperature control curves for users to choose, which can meet the requirements of national and American standards for lead-free SMD and BGA soldering, simple operation, and the entire soldering process is automatically completed;
Fast infrared radiation and circulating wind heating make the temperature more accurate and uniform; fuzzy temperature control technology and visual drawer type workbench, so that the entire welding process is automatically completed under your supervision; it can complete the welding of single and double panels, and can weld the most Fine surface mount components.
The maintenance-free and high-reliability design is adopted, so that you can use it with satisfaction and peace of mind.
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T962ATechnical parameters:
Product dimensions: 37 x42 x23.5 cm
Product packaging size: 51 x 45 x33 cm
Rated power: 1500W
Process cycle: 1~8 min
Power supply voltage: AC220V/50HZ
Product net weight: 15Kg
Product gross weight: 16Kg
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Design details 962Design details 962
Product description:
1. Ultra-large capacity reflow zone:
The size of the circuit board that can be placed is 300 x 320 mm, which greatly expands the range of use of this machine and saves investment.
2. Multiple temperature curve options:
Eight types of temperature parameter curves can be selected in memory, and manual heating and forced cooling functions are provided. The entire welding process is completed automatically and is easy to operate.
3. Unique temperature rise and uniform temperature design:
The combination of 1500W output and high speed infrared heating with a uniform temperature fan makes the temperature more accurate and uniform. The entire manufacturing process can be completed automatically and accurately without the need according to a preset temperature curve.
4. Humanized high-tech products:
Resolute look, visual manipulation, friendly man-machine interface, perfect temperature curve scheme, technology base from start to finish; lightweight volume and weight, table-type placement mode that saves a lot of money Space where you can get more things; you can see at a glance with simple operating steps.
5. Perfect feature selection:
With integrated features such as reflow, drying, heat retention, molding and quenching, you can complete single-sided and double-sided PCB welding of all package foams such as CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP and BGA. You can use it. Various tasks such as adhesive curing of products, thermal aging of circuit boards and maintenance of printed circuit boards. It can be widely applied to the research and development and small lot production needs of various companies, companies and institutions.
Operation curve reflow soldering t962a
Equipment installation, commissioning and operation:
Place the machine on a ventilated platform to ensure smooth ventilation at the bottom and no combustible items. Place the drawer outwards and reserve space for opening and closing the drawer for easy operation; 20mm heat dissipation space is required on the four sides of the machine body ; first connect the random power supply After the line is plugged in, after checking that the voltage is AC220V, plug it into the socket, turn on the power switch, and the front panel LCD screen displays.
Press the S key to display the main operation interface:
Press the F4 key to switch to: English MenuIn the main interface, press F3 to select different temperature curves: such as curve 1
Press the F3 key again to display the key parameters of the curve: the type of solder paste, the temperature and time of reflow, etc., as shown in the figure below
Press the F4 key to return to the previous page, press the F1 key to automatically execute the selected temperature curve, after the work is over, it will automatically stop and the buzzer will alarm.
In the main panel, press the F2 key to select manual operation: press the F1 key to start the cooling fan, then press the F1/S key to stop; press the F key 2 to start the electric heating, and then press the F2 /S key to stop. Press the S key to exit and return to the main interface.
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